Monday, October 13, 2008

Voices and "Violence": recent press coverage of court case involving people who hear voices

Jett Says Voices Tell Him To Act Out

San Antonio News, 10th September 2008

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A convicted murder who acted out multiple times during his trial said Friday his actions were prompted by voices telling him what to do.

Richard Jett, sentenced to 99 years in prison this week for the June 2006 murder of 80-year-old Homer Daniels, said he suffers from a mental illness -- a claim court psychiatrists said the 50-year-old Jett faked.

During his trial, Jett wrote on his body and face with ink, showed up to court in boxer shorts after trying to flush clothes and smeared his own feces on himself.

Attorney says murder defendant 'hearing voices'

Bakersfield Californian
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September 23, 2008

Saying his client was “hearing voices,” a defense attorney in a local murder trial made a last-minute request Monday for an evaluation to determine whether his client is mentally competent to stand trial.

The highly unusual request, coming just before opening statements were set to begin, was made by defense attorney James Faulkner on behalf of one of two defendants in the two-year-old murder case.

Superior Court Judge Michael Bush was clearly taken aback by the request. It’s been nearly two years since the defendant was arrested, and such requests are typically made well before trials begin.

Faulkner said the issue came up during a 90-minute talk he had with his client over the weekend.

Inmate Who Killed Cellmate "Was Hearing Voices"

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19 September 2008

Jose Guadalupe Barrera-Rodrigu, a convicted double murderer at the Sacramento Main jail awaiting sentencing, has been rebooked after allegedly killing his cellmate, Demario Lavell Patterson. Both were being held in the protective custody unit.

According to Deputy DA Noah Phillips, Barrera-Rodrigu "was seen by the psych unit at the Main Jail and he had a complaint of auditory hallucinations. He said he was hearing voices ... telling him to hurt people and to kill himself."

When informed of Barrera-Rodrigu's psychiatric status, Patterson's mother cried "Oh my God. Why did they let Demario be in the same cell as him? Why?"

Officials have called the killing "just an unfortunate incident."

Voices told mom: baby was 'a demon'

The Reporter

8th October 2008

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A young mother arrested for abandoning her baby at a Vacaville middle school informed police that voices had told her the baby was a demon, testimony revealed Tuesday in Solano County Superior Court.

At the conclusion of a 20-minute preliminary court hearing Tuesday afternoon, Judge Donna Stashyn ruled that sufficient evidence appeared to have been presented to hold 22-year-old defendant Brittaney Quewon-Owens for trial on charges of child endangerment and child abandonment.

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