Thursday, June 5, 2008

Anthony Hopkins: 'Golden Voice Saved Me From Alcoholism'


Anthony HopkinsFormer alcoholic Anthony Hopkins stopped drinking after he was rescued by a 'golden voice' from his subconscious. The Oscar-winning actor admits quitting alcohol in 1975 was a lucky escape.

He says, "For me, giving it (alcohol) up was finding the airlock, the escape hatch. It all happened one Monday morning in 1975. It was as if a voice said, 'Ready! Go!' It was that clear, the voice of gold. The best part of myself, my subconscious, came to rescue me. I don't know how. I had no religious connection or a connection to what I thought was God."

"And then that Monday: Boom. And it was over. It was like a great pilot light was lit. No explanation except, I guess, I was open, willing and ready. When I look back I think I was so lucky to get out of that one. It was all about fear and horror. Definitely the horror - going down the plughole."

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