Saturday, September 19, 2009

Will Hall - reports on the World Hearing Voices Congress

World Hearing Voices Congress in Holland (with audio)


By MadnessRadio - Posted on 14 September 2009

Hi everyone, happy World Hearing Voices Day. I'm terribly jet lagged but just arrived in Valkenburg Holland for the World Hearing Voices Congress. (also check out the audio)

Staying in a bungalow with Rufus May and some other great UK dissident mental health professionals, long conversations over forced treatment, suicide, addiction, shamanism, Voice Dialog, Theater of the Oppressed... I'm giving a workshop on coming off medications this thursday.

A great honor to be invited, and a wonderful chance to meet others and allies in the mad movement -- and learn more. You can follow things at my Portland Hearing Voices twitter feed here: and the tag #hearingvoices

Please check my twitter feed at for notes from the congress.

Congress photos on my flickr feed here:

Listen to the talk on Psychiatry at War With Itself - including replacing 'schizophrenia' with a new diagnosis - by J Van Os of the Netherlands -- the talk is highly recommended: 09HearingVoicesCongress-JVanOsPsychiatryAtWarWithItself.mp3

Leading UK advocate Ron Coleman's talk 09HearingVoicesCongress-RonColeman.mp3

Excerpt of UK Hearing Voices Network Director Jacqui Dillon's talk 09HearingVoicesCongress-JacquiDillon(excerpt).mp3

Brendan George on working with dual diagnosis: BrendanGeorgesonDualDiagnosis.mp3

Voice Hearer Eleanor Longden: 09HearingVoicesCongress-EleanorLongden.mp3

Will Hall workshop on Coming Off Medications 09HearingVoicesCongress-WillHallComingOffMedications.mp3

Working across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices

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