Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Touch With the Dead and With Life

New York Times, 16/04/2009

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“I’m afraid of mankind; I’m not afraid of dead folks,” confessed Concetta Bertoldi, a 55-year-old Jersey-born psychic and medium who makes a snappy living (check out the snow-white customized Audi and the devilish red Porsche Boxster in her garage) siphoning messages from the dead, whose observations don’t alarm her, to the living, whose behaviors often leave her cold.....

..... She told her parents the voices were terrifying her; her father told her that until she was ready to deal with the dead and the affirmations they wished to convey to those they had left behind, all she really needed to do was command them to, in the name of God, go away. So she did, and they obliged.

“At that stage of my life I wanted to date guys, not talk to dead guys,” she said. She barricaded her unusual ability (“I call it an ability, not a gift; gift sounds too pompous”) in a closet in her mind for more than a decade and, outwardly at least, led a normal life as a receptionist.....

.... Ms. Bertoldi came out about her tête-à-têtes with the dead a decade ago. When she told her husband she wanted to quit her day job and start using her ability “to help other people gain peace and comfort,” she said he was, at first, skeptical but not unsupportive. “Everybody has a right to believe whatever they want about mediums and psychics; I think of it like cable TV,” she said. “If you don’t like the program, don’t watch.”

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