Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The power of the blog: INTERVOICE website gets lots more hits this week

Normally our site gets an average of 100 new visitors daily.

Yesterday and today has proven to be exceptional.

Following descriptions of the INTERVOICE site and links to it being put up on a blog page known as Presurfer and then on a Canadian blog called Web Junkie and then two German news sites Speigel and Ehrensenf we got over 900 unique visitor hits in one day.

A record!

The only time we came close to that was on the 21st April following the broadcast of The Doctor Who Hear Voices on UK TV station Channel 4 when we got almost 400 hits.

Thanks for getting the information out there folks, even if you think it is all a bit weird.

Mark Stachiew, the Web Junkie said:

When people hear voices in their minds, psychiatrists usually prescribe medications for them to make the voices go away, but not everyone who experiences auditory hallucinations thinks they are a bad thing. In fact, there's a website where the people who hear voices in their head can gather to trade their stories. It sure beats where they usually gather to meet in person which is the asylum.

So he really misses the point.

Whilst Presurfer hosted by Gerard Vlemmings from the Netherlands, describes itself as a daily Dose of Diversion. A weblog about the weird, unusual, funny, strange and informative sites that can be found on the Internet.

Well read the site and make up your own minds!

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Brandon and Christi Tyler said...

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